DF95 Frozen Feet 21/22 Rnd.1 10-10-2021

Having missed a year due to the Covid-19 Pandemic restrictions It Is great to see 11 95’s and 12 skipper (Lyndsey and Mark Sharing) taking to the water for This years series. As well as Lyndsey and Mark racing the 95 for the first time, welcome to new Member Chris Hodson and, about to join, Ian Hawes, both new to racing there DF95’s.

We arrived at the waters edge to find nothing as forecast, a drab, misty and windless. Fortunately just in time for our 10:00 start a very light and variable SW of no more than 4 mph, allowing a course starting between 10-11 the 13 p, X p and finishing between 13-14 , X was soon replaced by 10 as the breeze dropped. Glen, Dennis James showed there early pace with all taking top 4 places. Unfortunately that was It for the west end of the lake as the wind stopped and we all waited for it to come back.

Sometime later it did but again very light from the NNW and we restarted with a coarse 8-9 start, 6p 9p finish 6 and bank, Just as we started the wind came in at about 6-8 mph resulting in a very fast race and with the continuing to rise over 10mph the coarse was extended dropping 6 for 1 and finishing between 5-6. This became the course for the next 10 races, but with the wind dying fast racing was brought to an end at 14:15 having completed 16 races. Well done to Glen, Dennis, Glen and Dave for taking race wins and newbie Chris for well deserved 5th overall.

DF95 Frozen Feet 2019/20 Final Results

Circumstance, Flooding at the lake followed by Covid-19 Restrictions, has left us in the position of being unable to complete the last 2 races of the series (Club racing is still not possible due competitor limitations).

The Series counts a minimum of 4 from 6 races and having completed the first 4 races, the series is now called complete with the final 2 races being cancelled.

Covid-19 Permitting the 2020/21 Frozen Feet Series will commence 11th October 2020 for 6 races on the 2nd Sunday of each month ending 14th March 2021.

Please the results below, trophies will be presented at the earliest opportunity. Congratulations to Glen and Dennis in 2nd and 3rd.

12/01/2020 Frozen Feet Series after 4 rounds

With 4 from 6 rounds to count for the series first place has been claimed! However second and third are still up for grabs with the final 2 rounds giving plenty opportunity to gain those points.

Frozen Feet Rnd.4 12/01/2020

Seems to be a repeating theme in this series, as 7 Skippers arrived at the lake to find a Solid B rig (cant remember what an A rig looks like) 18-20 mph South westerly, with gusts sufficient to show a rudder or two. Racing started between with a fairly long beat, returning to the leeward start mark twice and finishing mid beat. By race 11 the wind had sufficient west to require a coarse change, which as the wind strength dropped became very challenging due to big shifts containing holes with almost nothing. Those having changed to C rig earlier in the day had no choice but to stick the B back on. We welcomed Phil Newman from Chelmsford who was racing for the first time and quickly brought his experience, in RC yacht racing, to bear finishing in second place from Jonny Beale in third 6 points back after 16 Races.

Frozen Feet Series results after 3 rounds

Frozen Feet Rnd. 3.  08/12/2019

James rounding in FIRST PLACE flowed by Paul With his home made C sails

Round 3 and the last DF95 event of 2019, Wind WSW 15 to 35 mph mainly Sunny.

8 Skippers arrived to gusty wind blowing around the west end of the fort as the shifts went that way, racing started with all but Paul, whom had arrived with his home built c rig fitted, chose there B rigs, which was the correct choice. Race 6 saw all but James and Yukio drop to C rigs which really was too early but by race 6 it defiantly was the right way to go. C rigs remained even as the last few races where the wind really required a B, but no one bothered to change. 16 races were enough for us all as an increasing amount of windblown leaves started to effect results. Racing stopped shortly after 14:00 with heavy dark clouds bringing the threat of rain. Glen, Jim and James fought it out for the 2nd and 3rd with Jim suffering some boat issues Glen took 2nd and James 3rd. Once again our thanks to Terry for taking on the race officer role, allowing us all to concentrate on starting (sometimes!)

Next round January 12th 2020

Remember next weekend Is DF65’s

Frozen Feet Round 2 10/11/2019

9 skippers arrived to find a NE 8 to 10 mph with a nice bright sun attempting to take the edge of the wind. With this direction a course running up and down the lake was set giving a half length beat from the start to windward mark followed by a run, beat, run and half length beat to the finish. This course had to be modified as the wind went further east initially be moving the start and leeward mark, then finally moving to the west end of the lake as the wind struggled to clear the sea wall. 18 Races were held before calling it a day as the wind started to die away and as seems to be the way in this class some very close racing was enjoyed, especially in the mid fleet. James and Glen ended on equal points, with Glen taking 3rd due to a win in race 6. Jonathan led the pair, after his consistent results, by a good margin in 2nd. Unfortunately Paul’s day was brought to an early end, when his rudder fell of during race 5. We welcomed David Beale (Johnathan and James father) as a visitor to the club and his first RC yacht Race. As can be seen from his results he seemed to get the hang of things.

My Thanks to Terry for again joining us to provide general race management, keeping us honest and producing the results.

Series results to date

Sunday 13/10/2019 Frozen Feet Round 1

Having arrived 2 hours before racing to adjust the race mark heights due to the recent ingress due to extreme tide heights, George and James took the water, with 18 marks needing attention it looked to be a long job, fortunately after a simple untangling all were floating at the correct height in around an hour. Many thanks for there hard work!

7 Skippers came to the start line, all but Paul Kirk sailing with there there A rigs. With the wind varying from mid A to high A, Paul with his B rig found himself struggling down wind at times but stiil being at the right end of the fleet. During a short break the increasing wind meant all moved to the B rig, last only a few races before a C rig was required. Coinciding with James having receiver issues we found the fleet suddenly reduced by 3 boats! Dennis was forced to use his D rig having damaged his C, which seemed to be a handicap until the wind yet again picked up and The C rig was at the extremes of its range. An interesting and fun days racing seeing all 4 rigs in use at there correct wind strength which is probably a first for me. My thanks to Terry for Helping out as race officer/Starter/Scorer and observer.

Sunday Club Racing 09-06-2019

Welcome to Squibbit, Jonny’s son Angus, a new member who came along to give the DF95’s a try and showed some impressive speed and skills.

The morning started with the 8 skippers having some discussion on starting a race and the associated rules at this stage of a race, immediately followed by a number of practice starts allowing theory to be put into practice.

Racing followed on a windward leeward coarse which had to be moved as the wind direction swung around the lake and back again. with a very variable wind strength with some interesting wind shifts 10 races were completed in A rig before the wind stopped completely along with racing for the day. Well done to Glenn and Jonny who’s consistency shows in the final results.

It was felt the discussions at the beginning of the day were worth while and will be continued on Club racing days.

Frozen Feet Final Results

Frozen Feet Round 4

Round 4 was sailed in conjunction with the Eastern District DF95 Open, a report can be found on the ‘Open Event Results Page’. Results for this round are below.

Frozen Feet Latest Results

Frozen Feet round 3 (re run) 14-04-2019

Wind SE 10-15 knots. Temp 8′. 7 skippers turned up for the first race but then hopeful new member Pete Hutchings and Jamie from Southend join in from the second race. The course was set start 1 and flag beat to X then run back to 2, spreader to 1 then back to X and 2 then 1 finishing between 5 and 4. After four races the wind swinging slightly more easterly so we replaced 1 as the spreader with a buoy nearer the bank and beat back to 4 rather than X. Terry had elastic failure as soon as he launched which caused his main sheet to jump the winch so he was out for four races. We had great racing with very different courses being sailed, boats 100m apart on different tacks then tacking for the mark and ending up inches apart. It was a fantastic days racing with several skippers taking line honours. We sailed 19 races finishing about 2.15. James ending up winning with 35 points and Glenn second with 37 points and Dennis 3rd on 53 points. Thanks all for making it a superb days racing. James

DF95 Frozen Feet Round3 10-03-2019

With a forecast indicating Gusts to 50 MPH, 9 Intrepid/optimistic (some may say stupid) Skippers turned up to take part in Round 3 of the DF95 Frozen Feet. A quick walk around the fort to the water found the surface of the lake being lifted into spray and the Thames looking like mist moving down river, until you realised the speed it was travelling. With the gusts alternated from either side of the fort It was decided to cancel racing for the day. The Frozen Feet will be extended into May, with the final round incorporated in the Eastern District DF95 Open on May 12th.

DF95 Frozen Feet Round 2 10-02-2019

With a WSW gusty wind and a threat of heavy rain 10 boats, 11 Skippers (Terry and Paul new to the class shared my loan boat to see what the DF95 is all about) assembled to race for Rnd. 2 of the winter series. A ‘Z’ course was laid which just about worked for the first 2 races before the wind swung WNW and we all moved to the north eastern end of the lake. The wind continued to be gusty with plenty of shifts, a few boats sailing with A and the remainder on B rig but not for long as the gusts got bigger after lunch and everyone settled on the B rig. A further 14 races were completed on this course and with only the lightest sprinkling of rain. As usual with this class there was a real mixture at the front with place changes in the last 5m meters.  Terry and Paul got used to the boat and put a few good results but the winner finished with 13 points followed by the ever competitive Glen Meekcoms with 29 in 2nd , James Beale in 3rd  on 48, and Geoff Howell just 2 points further back in 4th . Full results follow together with the series results to-date.

Round 3 will take place on the 10-03-2019 see you all there.

Next Sunday the 17-02-2019 is the next round of the DF65 Frozen Fingers.

DF95 Frozen Feet Round 1 13-01-2019

12 Competitors were met by a grey day with Gusty winds from the west to north west. This meant the whole lake was raced on at some point as the fleet moved from one end to the other then back again. The DF95 welcomed three new skippers to the class, Yukio Takahashi, Jonathan Beale, and Geoff Howell, with Jonny enjoying his firts outing in the class taking 2nd place, after a close competition with Glenn Meekcoms finishing just 2 points back in 3rd. With such a difficult wind direction initial racing took place on a zig zag coarse allow two windward’ish legs sailed twice per race with a long run in between. After 7 races the wind had swung more north of west resulting in two coarse changes in succession before we all went back to were we started. With all that 16 Races were completed with just a couple of drop outs due to electrical problems for the last few races. Some great close racing at all areas of the fleet were enjoyed by all! Results below

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