24/11/2021 Midweek

24/11/21 midweek IOMs wind westerly 1-4 mph, temperature 8’ and misty. 11 skippers today all using A’s on a course 10&11 start, 13p, Xp, 13p,Xp & finish 11&12. THEN after lunch 7&8 start, 1p, 8p, and finish 5&6. for 8 slow races from 10.18 till 1.35 when the wind finally stopped blowing so we called it a day. Dave S only got 4 races in due to a prior appointment, Mick stepped out to offer some assistance to our new skippers, and had a go at tuning the Arrival so his score wasn’t reflected of his day. However a very good natured days sailing keeping in mind the conditions and allowing for two very new skippers on the water . So Buzz took the day on 11points from a fast starting Keith on 15 and a forever present Paul on 18 points. Great to see such good numbers on a Wednesday and we’ll done to Buzz and Co. 😘. PS don’t forget it’s 95s on Sunday

17/11/2021 Midweek

Icicle Trophy 14/11/2021

The Numb Thumbs Round 2 was incorporated with this open event, the club results were then taken from the above results.

10/11/2021 Midweek

10.11.21 midweek IOMs wind South westerly 0-4mph temperature 1’ and Misty damp. 9 skippers today all using A’s with 3 new boys being Dave Staff with his newly acquired 166, some lad called Buzz and a yet to join Bob who sailed his newly acquired 66. We had 13 races from a late start due to lack of wind through till 2/0 course 7&8start, 13p,4p,and finishing at 7&8 , later changed to 7&8, 13p,8 p, and finish 11&12. We did have 3 skippers finishing early and one permanent breakdown so the fleet depleted as the day went on. New boy Dave did really well for his first crack at IOMs , even newer guest Bob had one practice in race 5 then had 6 proper races never having sailed beforehand. And new boy Buzz well he gradually grasped the idea. So after a very friendly days racing it was John who got the spoils from Buzz then Paul. Mick and Terry gave a fair amount of time to coach the new guys , but that’s what the clubs about at the moment to build and strengthen. So for me that means we are all winners . “ drum banged”. 😘

03/11/2021 Midweek

Evening Girls , truth is I didn’t get to see much of the racing, having suffered a snapped mast in the car park I was out for the day because it was clearly A rig conditions with Northerly 5 mph wind and a temperature that dipped down to 9/10’ . However a course was set at start 7&8, 1p, 8p & finish at 5&6 for races . On reflection this was clearly to short a course to be able to get 17 races in under those conditions. I apologise for allowing the distraction ( re fitting a winch a entertaining a hopeful new member) the course should / could have been longer. I’m also grateful to Paul, Mick and George for the offers to get in a few races . Clearly Mick ran away with the day chased by John and Keith in third. However that score board was a mess and hard to work out ,if someone scores a 2nd place and a 6th thats 8 points to be divided between who Ever is missing so they both get 4 points each therefore the skipper who did finish 2nd loses out . So a bit more care please 🙏anyway we’ll done to Mick 👏👏👏and to John and Keith for trying to chase him down. 😘

27/10/2021 Midweek

Wednesday 27.10.21 midweek IOMs Wind Southerly 16/18 mph temperature 15’ and bright. 7 skippers today all using B’s. For 16 races from 10.05 till 1.55 course 11&12 start, 13p, 8p.7p,13p,8p,7p ,& finish 11/&12 only Paul was guilty of early starts , the port starboard contact was shared about equally & mark 13 once again had the split wind that George found particularly annoying, even 7 acting as a spreader was another that needed respect and was probably Terry’s Achilles. Talking of that Mick got bored and took over Terry’s boat and likewise Terry sailed Micks hence the change of fortunes for both skippers, Keith had a torrid day with his spreaders catching , Geoff fell fail to water ingress, & Paul seemed to lose the Will to live. So it’s a well done to Terry 27 points, from John31 & Mick 34 in third whilst tuning a strange boat👏👏👏👏👏

24/10/2021 IOM Numb Thumbs Rnd.1

Today 1st round of the Numb Thumbs. 24.10.21. Wind Southerly , top end of A’s all day Temperature 10’ and bright. 13 skippers today all using A’s sadly not Dennis as his sheeting snapped up on him before playtime started ☹️. The course was set at 8& throw in start 13p, 14p, 5p, 6p, 12p, 11p,5p, 6p, and finish 7&8. For 16 races from 10.05 till 2.15 . James only got 4 races in before family commitments intervened,Geoff only 2 before major issues,Nick and both John’s missed out on a couple or so races. Paul dropped down to B’s mid way through the day and coped extremely well , The wind was it’s normally self at 13 dividing it’s strength around the concrete block and wreaking havoc causing lots of protest and a few disgruntlements. Talking of disgruntled things I thought today there was a fair bit of that going on , most unlike how it’s been of late, “perhaps to top end wind factor” However none of this can distract from the Master class we where privy to from Malcom who whooped our arses winning on 15 points from a hard fighting Mick on 28 points and a flying Glen on 35 points . So we’ll done you girls 👏👏👏👏👏 and the rest of us left in the distance. Looking forward to round 2 already with perhaps Angela, Andy, Dennis & Jim joining us. PLUS. PLUS. PLUS This is on the 14.11.21 and is part of the ICICLE TROPHY See you all then 😘

20/10/2021 Midweek

20/10/21 midweek IOMs wind 20 mph + temperature 16’ and bright. 8 skippers today all using Bs then C’s for 14 races from 10.10 till 1.50 . Course 8 and throw in buoy , 12p, 4p,12p,4p, and finish 8 and throw in buoy, Paul and Keith started on C’s then midway through the day everyone changed onto them . But not before the wind had its say . Mick, Keith, Paul and Nick all out with mechanicals and Jim with electric issues from the get go , so loads of repairs to be done before Sunday + Terry had both shrouds snap in the car park( gale force round there). However none of this effected George who merrily sailed on with both rigs very successfully on he’s B to win the day on 17 points half that of his nearest rival Terry on 35 and a hard charging John on 38 points in third …… see you all Sunday 😘

13/10/2021 Midweek

Wednesday 13.10.21. Midweek IOMs wind westerly and mostly 0-3mph with the odd gust at 5 mph, temperature raised up to shirt type sunshine 18’. 7 skippers today all using A’s for 16 races from 10 till 2 . course 8& flag start 6p, 10p, 6p, 10p & finish 7&8. Frustrating is the word that springs to mind and stays in your mind. Skippers could pull out a huge lead only to get caught and passed on the short beat home .But consistency paid off for those that stuck to the task like Mick winning the day on 20 points from Keith on 33 and Paul on 36 in third so a very well done to them👏👏👏 and I guess the rest must try harder Once again we hade plenty of visitors in Dave S , James and nice Terry sailing his 65 in the back ground, plus new boy Alan . All in all a nice day to go sailing and a contemptuous issue dealt with in a civilised manner when pen and paper came out with drawings and discussion….And then royalty turned up no less than the MYA Chairman Phil Halliday, god’s brother Graham Bantock and I believe Lester Gilbert. 😘

06/10/2021 Midweek

Wednesday 6.10.21 midweek IOMs wind westerly 8-15 mph and full of pockets. Temperature 12-16’ and sunny. 6 skippers today all using B’s for 15 races from 10.10 till 2.05 course 7&8 start , 1p,8p,1p,8p, and finish 5&6.   A real tricky wind to deal with and frustrating at times. Nice to see Andy back & also nice to report no boat failures . Everyone had a go a the front but equally had a go at the rear However Paul’s consistency made him today’s winner on 23 points from John on 27 then Mick in third place on 40 points , well done girls . Also nice to see 3 new members from the baby dragon  class visiting/ practicing,& enquiring about the IOM class.  I make it 9 new members this year and I’m sure a lot of this is due to the friendly attitude our members portray towards those  looking for information at the lake . So keep the good work up , it doesn’t hurt to miss the odd race  to gain a new member, who knows they might be beating you within a few weeks 

29/09/2021 Midweek

26/09/2021 Sunday


No racing today, only a bit of careful fun , because 12 of our 18 marks were hiding( underwater that is )& the waters edge with it. But Mike, John and George played and kindly allowed Terry to have half  a dozen races” thankyou “             We will need to watch this space as far as Sundays FF is concerned because on top of the mark issues “ I’m sure they will be back “ we have another storm warning. I’ll check the marks Saturday morning and we can make a decision then 💋


Wednesday 5.2.20 midweek IOM Wind Westerly 1-3 mph. Temp 8’ course. Start 7&8,12p, 5p, finish 7&8 for 12 races from 10.15 to 1.30 . 6 skippers today all on A rigs .
Well what a hard days work that was , you could be half a leg down then get blown to the front of the fleet. But John dealt with it by far the best by-winning on a perfect 10 points, from Mike on 20 points and Terry on 30 points so we’ll done John 👏👏👏, hopefully see you all at Chipstead Sunday ( weather permitting). Can’t be there next Wednesday so see you Wednesday wee💋
PS Sorry about the results my iPhone is not receiving emails( since Monday) so i can’t send the results from the android to my phone as I normally do. Can’t suss it out😡


29.1.20 Midweek IOM WIND Westerly 12-14 mph Temp 5’ and sunny 7 skippers today all on B rigs for 16 races from 10.20 to 1.50 on a course 8&9 start 13p, 14p, 9p, and finish 12 and flag. With the wind direction being what it was it turned out to be a bit of a mixed bag with the race wins being shared about the fleet. John having a few electrical issues in between bouts of wins and a visit to the dark side the top 3 shared 15 of the 16 races with Mike edging it on 22 points from an ever present George on 29 points and Keith in third place on 35 points. It was great to welcome Andy back into our fleet and we hope to see more of him. Well done to Mike on his daily honours and he’s time spent with those suffering set up issues 👏👏👏

26/01/2020 Sunday Club Racing

IOM Monthly meeting Wind South 10 mph , getting up to 17mph by 1o:c temperature 7’ and dull.7 skippers today all on Arigs bar Terry on Bs. A course was set with the start at 12 & flag 14p, 7, 14, 7 p and finish 10& 11 ( later changed to 11&12, we had 16 races from 10.15 to 2.00. Terry was out after 1 race ( snapped up jib sheeting) + B rigs was not the sail to be on at the time.Keith was next out after nine races and then John by race 13 , having said that he was having a torrid day prior to that. At race 9 both Mike and John went on to B rigs with improved performance from them both, Mike finishing with 3 wins👏. However our old friend and guest for the day Vernon won the day on 19 points along with a shed load of chatter from Jim in 30 points and a strong finishing Mike on 32

Wednesday 15/01/2020

Wind South West 9/10 mph Temp 8’ 4 skippers today ( Geoff not trusting the weather opted out) the remainder using Arigs on a course set 11&12 start, 13p, 8p , and finish between 11&12 for 16 races in dry ( at 10.30) and sunny ( by 11.30) conditions. John was breaking in new sails in conditions he doesn’t favour had a bit of a testing day, Mick seemed to be a bit off the boil so it left Terry to take the day on 16 points ( 10 wins) from Mick on 21points and John a distant third with 35 points. Starting 30 minutes late , still getting 16 races in and all done by 1-30 was definitely worth the short delay for what turned out to be cracking conditions .

Wednesday 08/01/2020

8.1.20 midweek IOM Wind  South West 6 mph + Temp 11’ 7 skippers today for 12 races from 10.10 to 1.40 on a course 8&9 start, 12 p, Xp, 12p & finish 7 and flag All skippers were using A rigs  and only a few minor breakdowns for Peter, Keith & Malcolm. The main talking point today once again was the inconsistency of rule interpretation , something that seems to plague the IOM class, but I’m sure we’ll overcome this issue sharpish .     Anyway this must not distract from a fine performance by Mick scoring a perfect 10 points 👏👏👏from a distant but battling Keith a Terry tying on 34 points but Keith getting the nod on count back for second place and Terry third.                           I think a good days sailing for most.

Sunday 29/12/2019

Sunday 29.12.19 IOM Monthly Meeting Wind Southerly 6-8 mph Temp 9’ and bright. Today we had 7 skippers all using A rigs and not one single breakdown all day. We had 24 races “ yes 24” eat your heart out Buzz😂. The course was set with the start between 7&8,12p,11p,5p, & finish between 7&8. Thought out the day there was some good racing to be had and that all important beat back to the finish line was often the difference between not one but perhaps a couple or more places. It’s fare and honest to say there was a good amount of discussion to be had regards the rules and it was dealt with and hopefully will stand us with a better upstanding in the future.I won’t mention names but one skippers did do 12 penalty turns, out of 24 races that’s 50% strike rate, however earlier it was 105% at about 8 races in, so it proves having a chat helps. Anyway Mick and Jim had a good battle for honours with Mick coming out on top with 36 points 👏👏👏from Jim on 41points and Glen on 55 points, Terry and John seemed to close most of the day with only 4 points separating them, George suffered with a boat that didn’t want to run all day and lost out big time. I must add what a good days racing we all had

Wednesday 18/12/2019

Wind South 5 mph and raising to 9 mph towards midday, Temp 11’. 5 Skippers today 4 on As, 1 on Bs , we had 16 races from 10.15 through to 1.15 on a course set start 7&8, 10p, 6p, and finish between 7&8. Mike lost a sail hook and Terry a spreader from the get go & Peter only bought his B rig, Mick Carrie out a repair and we were good to go. Basically it ended up with 2 close groups of points but it didn’t feel that way on the lake, very little contact or any real protesting . A good days racing allround ( perhaps not so much for Peter but all the boats kept going. So another win for Mike👏👏👏 chased close buy Geoff and another tight finish with Malcom and Terry. The next IOMs is on Sunday the 29th Dec so for those of you I won’t see have a great Christmas break and a happy new year 🥳

Wednesday 11/12/2019

Midweek IOM . Wind eventually 9/10 mph, Temp 3’ improving to 8’ Today we had 6 skippers who had 22 races from 10-15 through to 1-30 on a course set at 7&8 start, 12p, 5p, and finish back at 7&8. It’s fare to say there was I lot of foul manoeuvres at the start line from the very onset of the day and mark 7 was waiting to catch those who took the p or more likely than not got pushed on to it. This we need to work on in the new year, it will not be tolerated any more. Anyway I said 6 skippers unfortunately Malcom never got going ( electrics or lack of) and John and George suffered late starts to the day Mike took the honours for the day “ well done that man” but the rest remained very close on points considering we had 22 races, Geoff bowed out early to attend to club matters in the Fort so in truth 2nd place was his true finish

Wednesday 27/11/2019

Wind South West 10mph dropping to 3mph at 12/30Temp 8’ 4 Skippers today all using A rigs course set at start 11&12, 13p,Xp,13p,Xp and finish 11&12 for 9 races from 10-15 to 12.45 due to heavy rain and no wind. Terry missed the first 2 races ( receiver change), Geoff missed the last 4 ( rudder post) and Mick retired from the last race due to a rudder servo failure, but whilst the fleet was together there was some good races . Mick stole the day on 9 points from John on 15 and Terry 1 behind on 16. Either way the lack of wind or the abundance of rain 💋was going to spoil the day. Well done to Mick again👏. Ps don’t forget it’s the Icicle Trophy this weekend so get those entries in

Wednesday 20/11/2019

Wind South east10 mph Temp 5’. 6 skippers today all using A rigs , with a course set at start 5&6,8p,1p, 8p,1p and finish 5&6 for 16 races from 10.15 through to 1.30. Malcom only started the first race and that was game over( electrical gremlins), Geoff only managed 5 races ( rudder ? ), Terry missed 1 race ( jib swivel broke) and other than that a good days sailing with a hand full of nose dives at mark 1 . Mick won the day convincingly 👏👏 but Keith, John and Terry fought hard for runners up spot with only a few misjudged manoeuvres which spread over 16 races in a good breeze wasn’t at all to shabby. P.S. get well soon George 💋

Wednesday 13/11/2019

Midweek IOM Wind South 5/7 mph cold but bright start turning dull at close of play. 7 skippers all using A rigs, the course was set with start 10&11, 13p, 9p, 13p, 9p and finish between 11&12. We managed to get 14 races in from 10.10 till 1.50 . Once again no breakdowns to report. The only real issue being Mark 9 and the skippers interpretations of the rules or (what they choose to see or not see). Anyway must mention the new boy “George “ only had the nerve to win the last four races so a big 👍up to him but it didn’t stop Mick from winning the day on 21 points from John in 26 points and George beating Keith on count back with 44 points .

Wednesday 06/11/2019

midweek IOM Wind North West 4 mph THEN South 4/5 mph and dropping to 0 at 1o/c, 6 skippers all on A rigs today and pleased to report no breakdowns , we got in 10 races between 10.15 & 12.30 and the total lack of wind after lunch called a halt to proceedings.  We had John take the days honours on 10 points from Mick on 18points and Malcom on 19.   A good days sailing in tricky conditions and a well done to John

Wednesday 30/10/2019

Midweek IOM Wind east 16 mph and gradualy easing Temp a cold 9’.                        

7 skippers today but only 5 got to race and those were all on B rigs. Awful day to set a course, but for the best part It was start 7 and Flag, 9p, Xp,7p, 9p, 7 p and finish 4&5 for 16 races.The talking point of the day other than more than a few dodgy starts was rounding mark 9 because in the shelter of the bank the wind had died down and all momentum was lost along with a fare few places ( good to watch though).                    Anyway it ended up really close with both Mick and John on 23 points but John took the day by virtue of he’s 7wins to Micks 5 and Keith in third on 25 points, and thankfully no real damage done in those early conditions.                

PS I’d like to thank  Mick, Keith and George for allowing me to race their new boats👍.                  

PPS Have you booked in for this Sunday Thames Trophy?

Wednesday 23/10/2019

Midweek IOM           Wind what Wind? Once again it was wait and see if it was going to blow and it eventually did up to around  8 mph from due east after an hour or so wait.    Temp    10’ and misty.          5 skippers but the unfortunate Peter never got to go with “ a no winch issue”.                       The courses were far to many to go through but the eventual one was start 7&Flag, Xp, 6p,7p, Xp,6p and finish 7&8 . We managed 14 races through to 1.40o/c.                  Once again Mick had the edge but missed the end of the days racing and that allowed Terry to take the day on 26points from Keith on 27points and Mick on 28points.

Wednesday 16/10/2019

midweek IOM . Wind South West 10 mph Temp 14’. 4 skippers today all on Bs for 9 races from 10.30 to 1.20 on a course start 7&8 13p,9p, 7p ,13 p, 9p, 7p and finish between 11&12.       Mick had his new Titan out for the first time on Bs and very nice is was to winning all the races on 7 points from a fast learning George on 15 points and a troubled Terry on 20points. The wind backed off towards midday but nobody cared to change up and called it a day early rather than faff around. I good debut by Mick who seemed particularly pleased ( well done)

Wednesday 09/10/2019

Midweek IOM Wind Westerly 10mph Temp 14’ 5 Skippers today 4 on As 1 on Bs the course was set at Start 7&8,13p,8p,13p’8, and finish 11&12 . After 3 races this Wes was changed to 6 and Flag, 12p,4p,12p,4p& finish 7&8. Peter stayed on Bs all day and become competitive as the wind grew, Terry was out with sheeting issues after 3 races, George still getting to grips with setting up his boat and improving as the day progressed Keith had a good day after Mick helped him find the sweet spot on his new boat and some good natured sailing recorded a day of no protest and only self imposed penalties being done for ten races finishing at 2.00o/c.                     Keith took the day on 11 points from Mick on 14points and George on 23.

Wednesday 02/10/2019

Midweek IOM Wind North West 11mph, Temp 12’ and cold, 5 skippers today all using As on a course starting between 8&9, 2p,Zp, and finish between 8&9. For 11 races from 10.20 through to 1o/c . Apparently the Thames barrier was used Monday night hence our sea defences didn’t defend and15 of our 18 marks are either underwater or look like nipples.Remarkably hard to spot when on the very limit of our A rigs . The day went a bit like the song 10 green bottles first we lost Geoff then Mick then Malcom then it went to B rig conditions which Keith is yet to adapt to his new boat so Only 1 left at 1 .00 so we called it a day ( we named it git) points wise Keith took the day on 17 from Terry with 18 and Malcom on 23. Quite a good result for Keith who did spend a lot of time tweaking his new charge.

Wednesday 25/09/2019

Midweek IOM 3 Skippers today, for 6races all using A rigs on a Start 7&8, 12p, 5p, 12p 5 p and finish 7&8 5’p later changed to 4p. First race 10.20 through to 12.30.    Terry forgot to switch his tranny from DF65 over to IOM     BANG!!! that was him out Geoff suffered with water ingress  then George mysteriously then suffered the same fate so game over and we all went home leaving Mike the winner.

Wednesday 18/09/2019

Midweek IOM Wind North East 8mph Temp 15’ and sunny.         

we hads 8 skippers today all on A rigs, on a course starting between 11&12 Xp, 13p,Xp, 13p and finish between 11&12’ after the tea break this was changed from Xp to 8p.           

It was nice to welcome George for his 1st IOM Meeting and he progressed very well from dodging about for the first few races to “ after a great deal of help from Jim to winning a races by pure good sailing with no excuses from the rest of the fleet “ well done to that man. Terry was very kindly leant Jim’s spare boat “only a bloody Britpop wan’it”         

The dark side got visited 4 times by people only trying to help others.Keith suffered with sheeting problems again and Peter appeared more off the water than on. There is a DNF missing from the scores but it would make no difference so I’ve left it alone.              However Jim won the meeting with 10 wins from the 12 races “ very well done Jim” John managed 2nd place with 30 & Terry 3rd on 32 points

Wednesday 11/09/2019

 Midweek IOM Wind South West 15mph Temp a sticky 14’.       

5 skippers today for 13 races from 10-10 through to 1o/c all using B rigs. The course was set at Start 7&8, 13p,9p, and finish at 12& Flag.                               

Quite a few breakdowns today both Keith and Terry lost backstays, Peter got snapped up a few times and John lost a winch, Mick being the only one to stay on the water trouble free. As the day went on it probably entered the realm of C rigs hence the damage but nobody seemed interested plus rain looked imminent and it did as we left the car park.                 

Anyway by virtue of 5 wins against Keith’s 2 Terry took the days honours on  tie 25 points and Mick in third on 28 points. Nice to see the water getting higher. A good days racing with a lot of help from our fellow competitors to keep the boats on the water.

Wednesday 04/09/2019

Wednesday 4.9.19 Midweek IOM Wind once again all over the place Temp 12’-20’ 5 Skippers today for 14 races from 10.30 till 1.40 a course was set with start 8&9, 13p, 9p & finish 12& Flag.    This was changed after the break to start 5&6, 2p, 8p, and finish 5&6 as a result of the wind direction changes, Peter never got to start the day with failed electrics Which was unfortunate & the remaining fleet settled for B rigs.          A really frustrating day with the wind changing from Minute by minute .       Anyway John got to grips with it best overall to take the days honours on 15 points from Terry on 23 and Keith on 33 so we’ll done to John + we had the added excitement of the car park jammed full of film crew , something to do with Jude Law

Wednesday 28/08/2019

Midweek IOM Wind South West 7-9 mph Temp20’               

  Nice to see 8 skippers today for 12 races from 10-10 through to 1-20 on a course set with start 11&10,13p,9p,13p,9p and finish between 11&12.      

   Dave joined us for a couple of races to make sure his boat still worked, Malcolm, Keith and Peter all suffered with merchanicalsb managed to get back on the water , and with a reasonable constant breeze some good close races were had with a good few position changes at the line. It was nice to see our latest member get off the mark by winning the day with 24 points from Terry on 25.9 points and John on 30 we’ll done to Mick.

N.B. Please remember the car park will have a film crew in it next Wednesday so be prepared for changed and make sure you’ve done your make up nice

Sunday 25/08/2019

IOM Club meeting Wind South West 7-8 mph Temp 33’ at 1o/c, 4 skippers this BHW, a late start at 10-30 for 17 races through to 1-15. Course Start 11&12, 8p,13p, and finish 11&12.     A nice constant breeze all day and lots of turning / de turning going on. Keith managed to lose his spreaders early on and put him on the back foot, John remained the one to beat and ended up taking the day on 17 points from Glen on 29 & Terry on 32, a very enjoyable days sailing with some close finishes.                     Unfortunately you couldn’t help notice the water has dropped a further 100mm 4” in old money and the Ranger does not no why, hopefully the next high tides in a few weeks will rectify this🤞🏻

Wednesday 21/08/2019

Midweek IOM Wind South West 6mph Temp 20’. 6 skippers today all on As. For 16 races from 10.15 through to 1.0o/c on a course set at Start 8&9, 12 p, 4p, and finish between 7&8 , Terry lead most of race one and limped home with a knackered winch then retired to Dave Sellens home who kindly lent and fitted his spare winch in readiness for this Sunday’s IOM Meeting🙏 A big thank you to Dave) , anyway Geoff dropped off the score board and as you can see John had a good day to win with 15 points from Malcom on 29 and Geoff on 35, nice to see Malcom finish all the races and holidays apart a nice little fleet beginning to grow.                            Don’t forget it’s IOMs this Sunday see you there. Could you give me a show of hands if you’re there or not thanks😘

Wednesday 07/08/2019

Wednesday 7.8.19 Midweek IOM. Wind south west 15 mph Temp 16-24’              6 Skippers today all using B rigs for 16 races from 10-10 through till 1-20. It was nice to see Michael join us from Chelmsford again . No major breakdowns to report just a couple of boats hooked up on the marks and the odd bat flattery,causing Malcom to visit the dark side and Terry constantly loosing places on the finishing beat. Jim won the day despite trying to detune his boat recording 12 wins on his way to 14 points from a distant second place for Terry on 38 points and Mick in third on 42 points. It managed to stay dry until I pulled out of the car park then the heavens opened 🙏

Sunday 28/07/2019

Monthly IOM Club meeting Wind North West 6-12 mph Temp 14’. 7 skippers/6 boats had 16 races from 10.05 through to 14.10 on a course starting between 7&8,Xp,6p,Hs,12s,Xp and finish 6&Flag. Today we had a guest from Chelmsford join us (Mick) and Geoff Howell and James took turns racing Jim’s Britpop to some success I might add in what it must be said where awful wind conditions with the wind playing tricks with out warning. Due to the low water the marks were there waiting to catch you out and when Terry and Dennis visited the dark side found their boats aground some 2.5 meters away from the edge. So to the scores, tight it was 27, 28, 29 , To John , Jim & Dennis , well don to those guys and to James for nicking a win in only his second race 👍. It must also be said that once again the X mark caused chaos, with some dubious moves being made, other than that a good days sport.

Wednesday 24-07-2019

Midweek IOM, Wind South West 7-9 mph Temp scorchio! 35’ when we left, 6 skippers today but only 5 took to the water Geoff suffered a receiver failure right from the get go, Keith lost the first 3 races to tiller failure, course was set starting between 8&9,orange P, 8P, and finish 12& Flag.we had a couple of long breaks from the heat and to allow skippers to carry out running repairs, but John won the day on 12 points from Terry in a distant second on 26 points and Malcom on count back in third on 31 points. A shame to see so many breakdowns but we still had some close racing whilst we were on the water

Wednesday 17-07-2019

Midweek IOM Wind South 7-10mph Temp 24’ 5 Skippers for 15 races all on As from 10-20 till 1-20 on a course 11&12 start 14p,8p,& finish 11&12 . Jim was debuting his new Vision and struggled with a faulty kicker but once repaired with brown paper and vinegar he went well enough to win the day with 23 points that tired with Geoff but with 7 wins to Geoff 5 it was enough and Malcolm was third on 30 points. Terry started well but only lasted for the first 3 races ( winch jumped) and Peter had a shroud let go to delay his progress.                   

A lot of water has been let out of the ditch and we have a lot of marks laying over. So watch out for a work party being called quite soon

Wednesday 10-07-19

Midweek IOM Wind South West 7-9 mph Temp 27’ at 1o/c.  5 skippers today all using As for 13 races from 10-25 till 1-20, a course was set starting 11&12, 13 p, 9p, and finish 11&12 and the last 5 races were 11&12 start 13p, Hp,13 p , 9 p, and finish at 11&12.               To be fare freaky winds played a big part in some of the race wins but never the less a pleasant days sailing with only one minor breakdown.Mark 9 needed to be shown some respect with a loose rope ready to snare those that dared and the new H mark spins like a top if you touch it ( there be no denying that you’ve hit it).            So today winner by one point was Malcolm on 21, from Geoff on 22 and Keith on 25

Wednesday 03-07-20

Wind North East 7 mph Temp 15’ at best ,cloudy . 6 skippers today for 16 races from 10.10 till 1.20 course Start 12 and Flag, 9p, 13 p and finish 11&12 .      A hard day to set the course because of constant wind direction changes but we stuck it out . Malcom hit gremlins from the get go and Terry had a sticky jib throughout the day and lost the winch for the last race , Glad to report Keith had a trouble free day, “well apart from the mark 9 buoy “and Peter missed the last couple of races . Main issue of the day was that horrible mark 9 but at the end it was John on 17 points from Geoff on 28 points and and Terry in third in 34 points.

Wednesday 26-06-19

Midweek IOM Wind 10mph. Temp 12’ and dull 5 skippers today for 12 races from 10-15 till 1-30 on a course set at Start 11&12, 8p,13p,8p, 13p and finish 11&12. To be fare Keith campaign never took off all day and Malcolm suffered a jib failure towards the later part of the day. Geoff had things pretty much under control from the get go and won the day on 13 points from a hard trying Terry on 20 points and a up and down John on 24 points. NB it’s baby dragons 🐉 for the next 2 Sunday’s

Sunday 23-06-19

IOM Club meeting Wind SE 10 mph Temp 14’ dull and misty 4 Skippers for 16 races from 10.00 till 2.00. A difficult day to set a course but we stayed with what we had with the start between 13 and Flag 10p,11p, 13p, 10p, 11p, 13p and finish between 11 & 12.         A constant wind speed and direction left the skippers chasing that little bit more all day . John suffered a pulley failure and only got half a day in the remaining trio swapped boats for a race or two ( the scores kept true though).           Anyway Jim took the day with a clean sheet of wins from Dennis and Terry closeish but a distants from Jim, we’ll done to him 😘

Wednesday 05-06-2019

Midweek IOM Wind 11 mph Temp 14’ and overcast.

5 skippers today all using A rigs for 13 races from 10.15 till 1.45. The course was set at Start 7& white mark 12p, Xp, 12p, and finish 7& white mark.          

  A good constant breeze saw some strong maybe aggressive racing at times resulting in Malcom taking an early bath, Keith had a shroud let go so changed to his B rig that proved to be much better set up and finished the day stronger, Geoff meet with a few breakdowns due to the for mentioned aggressive racing,   Terry had a will-full kicker that kept slackening       

All these joys resulted in John nicking the day on 22 points from Terry on 25 points and an improving Keith on 27points

Wednesday 29-5-2019

Midweek IOM Wind Southerly 15 mph Temp 13’.

4 skippers 2 on As 2 on Bs for 16 races from 10.10 till 1.20 . A course was set with the start between 7&white mark,12p,4p,& finish 7&8, Terry was out in the forth race with a tangled up winch ( probably due to being on the wrong rig), Keith had a shroud let go but the team hobbled it back together. A good wind blew constant ish all day resulting in a good many last minute dives for the line. We had John come out on top with 20 points, Keith second on 26 ( 4 wins) and Geoff third 26 points (3wins).                     

NB an early reminder there will be no IOM on Wednesday week 19.6.19 we are all going to play at the Chipstead Open😋

Sunday 26-05-2019

IOM wind 9-14 mph Temp 20’ and bright 8 skippers using a mix of A&B rigs.  On a course set with the start between 8&9, 13p, Xp, & finish between 7 & white mark. We got underway at 10.10 through to 1.30 with 16 races. Malcom failed to start the day with winch line failure, Geoff lasted 3 races before winch failure and Jim similar but fixable after missing 7 races,Terry suffered with jib sticking for the second half of the day after changing down from to A to B.

Dennis stuck with his new 3D As and managed not to nose dive all day unlike the others on As. This did result in him being the clear winner on 25 points from Glen on 32 and John on 37 , well done to those guys.     

 It’s baby dragons 🐉 next week and if I’m the only one there        ( please let me know) then I’d rather spend my birthday 🍰 with my family

Wednesday 22-05-2019

Midweek IOM Meeting Wind South 1-5 mph Temp 21’        

6 Skippers today all on As for 10 races on a course, start 5&6, 8p, 2p, and finish 7 and Flag  we began just after 10o/c and raced through to 1.20.       Keith spent the best part of the day dialling in his new rig and sails and got there in the end . Some mega close finishes in shifting conditions gave the day to John on 13 points from Malcom on 18 and Geoff with 19.    

       PS Don’t forget it’s IOMs this coming Sunday

Wednesday 15-05-2019

Midweek IOM Wind North East7-8 mph Temp 16’ and bright . We had 5 skippers today all using A rigs. A difficult course was set starting from 12 and Flag, 10p, 12p, 13p and finish between 11 & 12 , we had a few races and then the gremlins struck with Keith recently rebuilt boat loosing a rudder servo and Malcom’s winch decided to jump and after a repair did it again , so what started out as a nice day for sailing/ racing went t*ts up so we stopped racing did some tuning/ tweaking and back to back testing that proved just as much fun

Wednesday 24-04-2019

Midweek IOM, Wind easterly 8mph moving up through to 20 mph Temp 13’ with a Little rain .

4 skippers today all starting on Arigs for 5 races, very difficult to lay a course , 1st 2 races were from 7& Flag, Tp, 7p, Tp and finish between 7 & Flag we then change to 7&flag, Vp,7p, Tp and finish between 7 & Flag . The wind moved on to really need Bs but with Terry out with his sheeting line knot letting go, followed by Keith unable to use his BorC rigs ( by which time C’s were needed) it was decided to call it a day.             

NB please be reminded there’s no IOM this coming Sunday we had our turn on the 7th, so it’s the end of May for the next meeting

Wednesday 17-04-2019

Midweek IOM Wind South East then South West. 4-7 mph Temp 14’ and bright . 5 skippers today for 12 races on an early course Start 7 and Flag, Zp, 6p and finish between 7 & Flag and midway through the day we change to Start 7 and Flag, Xp,7p,Xp and finish between 7 & Flag.       

No real drama today apart from plenty of contact, no breakdowns so that is always good to say. John won the day with 7 wins and 13 points from Malcolm on 20 points and Geoff in 3rd on 28 points

Wednesday 10-04-2019

Midweek IOM Wind North East 30mph Temp 9’ ( felt like 3’).   

4 skippers today Malcom on B rig, John, Geoff & Terry on C’s A late start due to being a struggle to rig in the conditions, however we got 10 races in before we called it a day at 12o/c. On a course set st Start 7 and white mark Xp, 12p and finish between 7 & white mark.Malcom suffered rig failure and missed the best part of the day andJohn suffered with a smelly winch failure .     

   Anyway Terry won the day on 12 points from John on 13 points and Geoff in third on 21 points. A good days sailing if you liked those conditions

Wednesday 03-04-2019

midweek IOM. No wind No report ,sorry .

Coventry Trophy this coming Sunday if you haven’t booked in

Wednesday 27-3-19

Midweek IOM. Wind North West 3-6 mph Temp 10’ and dull. 4 skippers today for 14 races al on A rigs the course was set at Start 4&5, 1p,Xp,1p,Xp & finish between 6 and Flag this was later change to 4&5, 1p,9p and finish between 6 & Flag. The wind change strength throughout the day and like last Sunday it was anybody’s race to the finish line.           
Terry began to suffer with his winch sheeting in on the long run 3 times at the same spot for the last 4or5 races ( any ideas?) .  Never the less Geoff won the day with 21 points from Terry on 27 points (4 wins ) and Malcom 27 (3 wins) and John having an off day with 33 points.          

NB Have you Entered the Coventry Trophy on the 7th April ?

Sunday 24-03-2019

IOM monthly meeting Wind North West 3 -8 mph Temp 12’ we had 6 skippers today all on A rigs for 13 races from 10.15 through to 1.45 on a course set at Start Flag and 5,6P,1P,9P,1P,9P and finish at 6and Flag, later in the day 9P was replaced for XP…’s nice to report there were no breakdowns throughout the day,we did however struggle with a shifting wind and at various strengths.  Terry’s day slowed down with some forced errors whilst Dennis’s day improved to the point of taking the overall honours with23 points from John on 28points and Terry one behind on 29 points.           An enjoyable days racing on a bright spring day.     NB don’t forget the next IOM meeting is in two weeks time on the 7th April

Wednesday 20.3.19 midweek IOM Wind South 7 mph Temp 10’ at best .4 skippers today on a course set with the start between 8&9, 12p, 11p, 7s Xs and finish between 7& Flag, breakdowns plagued 3 of the starters so just a friendly mornings sailing.

Wednesday 27-02-20

No wind, No results. Sorry

Sunday 24-02-2019

WIND 0 mph, Fog could just see the the nearest marks only till 12o/c ish. So just a prat about for the 8 skippers that got there Zero points recorded

Wednesday 20.2.19 midweek IOM

Wind 14mph+ Temp a bright chilly 12’

6 skippers today on A and B rigs Course Start 7&8, 12 P, 8P, and finish 12& Flag.       And that folks was about it, Keith suffered a winch failure ( I’ve heard since its fixed), John was troubled by sheeting issues ( first time on a B rig), Malcom suffered a jib failure ( swivel ) and Terry had his winch jump and thus tangle as a result ( since fixed), but prior to that was going very well.  So only one race and not worth opening to score board.                             

NB. It’s IOMs this Sunday hope to see you all there 


Wednesday 13.2.19 Midweek IOM

Wind South 12+ mph, Temp 9’ and bright. 5 skippers all on A rigs started at 10-10 through to 1-15 for11 races. Course Start 4&5,7p,Tp,7p,Tp & finish 7 & Flag.   The wind was a bit low to start but picked up nicely as the day progressed. Peter chased set up all day, Malcolm couldn’t get the best from his boat , Keith suffered on the Starboard beat and Terry’s boat refused to respond to tweaks , then we realised the mast had snapped off at the base( so anyway a least we know what was wrong) Geoff sailed away from the fleet with 8 wins and scoring 10 points ( when you going away again) from Keith and Malcolm both on 19 points , 2nd place goes to Keith courtesy of count back and Malcolm in 3rd place .

Wednesday IOM 06-02-2019

Wind SW 0-6 mph, Temp 10’ 5 skippers turned out today for 10 races with a late start due to no wind and we finished at 1 o/c for the same reason.A course was set with the start at 4&5,7 p, 4p,7p, 4p and a finish at 7 and the flag.  Lots of start line incidents today considering the lack of wind.            Malcolm’s boat seemed the best straight out of the box and Peter’s was fast in one direction, and John spent time trying to help rectify it,  and despite this John went on to win the day on 14 points after an early bath for Malcolm, Keith & Terry after a day long battle finished 1 point apart on 18 and 19 points.

Sunday IOM 27-01-2019

 Wind NW17mph with gusts Temp 5’  6 skippers today all on B rigs we had 12 races from 10.30 through to 1.00 on a course set at Start 4&5,1p,9p,1p,9p and finish at 4&5.  6 become 5 before the the 1st race after  Jim found an intermittent electrical problem to risky to proceed but never the less stayed on to help with the start line which I must say kept him very busy with some persistent offenders, he also did the scores ( always handy in those winds)and he helped tweak a few boats, that’ll teach him to stay on👍.  Dennis only got 7 races in before Mainsail problems and Keith spent a lot of time getting his boat from the back of the fleet to competitive by the end of the day.  Glenn won the day with 15 points with a more consistent performance, (so we let him stay on and put the Dingy away).  John was second on 19 points from Terry on 32 points.With the wind becoming very unpredictable & Bs beginning to struggle we called it a day after 12 long races.                              

N.B.  It was nice to see all the bouys back on the water and all standing up thanks to George, James& Paul for spending 4 cold hours doing it ,            Cheers girls👍👍👍

Wednesday 23-01-2019 Mid Week IOM

Wind North 8-9 mph with the odd gusts Temp 0/1’ and cold , 3 skippers braved it today for 7 races from 10.30 till 1o/c on a course set at Start 8&9, 6 p, 11 p , 6p , 11 p. & finish 8&9.         No real drama today and a good constant wind sore Geoff win all 7 races finishing on 6 points from Terry on 16 points and Malcolm on 17 points, I also failed to mention that Geoff also won last week. But I won’t fail to remind you it’s IOM this coming Sunday, look forward to seeing you all then

Wednesday’s 16-01-2019 Midweek IOM

Wind South West 17mph, 9 deg C.  5 skippers today all on B rig for 16 races on a course set with start 7&8, 11p, Xp, finish 7 & 8.

Terry having written the coarse on the board then sailed to mark 12 instead of 11, for the first three races, which did him no good whatsoever (you see i practised around 12 thinking that would be the course). John was in for an early bath due to winch line tangled, Malcolm wasn’t far behind him with his own gremlins and Keith was struggling with tacking. Terry also threw away a couple more wins by missing the finish mark 8, which was a very busy place all day with some very closely contested races.

Wednesday 2.1.19

Midweek IOM Wind South 6-8 mph Temp 4’ cold. 3 skippers turned up John with an IOM, Paul with a DF65 & Terry with a RG65,   Interesting !a course was set Starting between 6&5, 2p, 6p, 5p and finish between 2&3 . The two 65s started 60 seconds ahead of the IOM and the skippers shared boats throughout the day, and proved very interesting in so much as the IOM still managed the catch and win by 7-10 metres, but by the end of play at 12.15 the RG65 was winning by twice the margin , we all gradually returned a loosing boat into a winning boat. Not such much a racing day BUT very much a work shop day, fortunately the course, strength and direction stayed constant so all what we learnt was clearly valuable and John didn’t have a wasted journey

Wednesday 12.12.18

midweek IOM Wind South East11mph, Temp 8’6 skippers today including new guy John who’s been watching us for about 6 months so he’s found a boat and joined in.all boats on A’s on a course Start 5&6, 9p,1p,Xp 1p & finish 5&6 for 11 races from 10 till 1 and then it was on the limits for A’s. Right from the start we lost 3 boats 1 rudder, 1 winch and 1 tranni,Geoff had to break off to collect the keys for Saturday so Terry used his boat for races 3&4. Geoff’s rudder then gave up for the last two races and Johns winch then went all intermittent . So Keith won the day with the only heathy boat left from John who was 1 point ahead of Geoff, it was a great day to be sailing, a pity to lose so many boats so early

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